Why boarding with Us?

Cat Boarding

Each unit covered with Bowls & Feeder, Cat Pan & Litter. Our pet boarding facility, for a safe and truly relaxing personal environment. Only at RM10 per day per cat. The third day onward will get RM8 per day per cat. More detail read here.

Exercise and Play for Cats

Cats enjoy daily exercise on their own in one of two cat play atriums located in our cat suite area. These atriums feature tall climbing trees, dangle toys, crinkle balls and balls with bells, scratching posts, and perches for surveying the cat suite area.

24-hour Pet Care Staffing

We personally could not leave our pets in a boarding facility that was not occupied by a pet care staff member 24 hours a day. Having a pet caregiver on site, all day and all night, contributes to added peace of mind and is a “must” at Mummy Pets.

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We are available for now and May onward. Do reserve with us now.

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